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Reading books is not just useful, but essential process. And direct proof revealed the Vermont state police. In February of last year the incident occurred. Ex-boyfriend of the girl, apparently decided to force her to return to the location and threatening with a pistol, tried to get into his car. The other girl was nearby, decided to stop and got shot right in the chest. However, the bullet stuck in the pages of the book that lay in the breast pocket of the guy who escaped injury. You say – it's a matter of chance. But no one is immune from any stray bullet, either from dementia or from any other misfortunes. One thing is clear – books make our life better, longer and richer. We have a unique opportunity to live your life a few times along with the heroes of favorite books. We can travel the world and meet alien civilizations. To go far into space and sink to the bottom of the Mariana trench. And all this while in a comfortable chair in your own home. Read the book, and after a couple months you will notice positive changes in your mood, state of mind and quality of life.

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